Business Coaching

“If You Want More Money From Your Business,

Make Yourself A Better Business Owner”


Business Coaching Principles

What Do Business Coaches Do?

The most important investment you can make is an investment in yourself.  People today are investing $80,000 to $200,000+ for a higher education going the traditional route for a ticket into the greatest risk opportunity: a job. They spend all this money but have not learned the fundamentals of what it really takes to build a secure future based on real world business experience: sales and marketing, entrepreneurship as well as product and service creation.

Now you can invest in yourself and in the five fundamentals of business and jump right in with a ready-made expert/guru Business Coaching Certification system that you can bring to the market place and apply to your existing business for incredible success.

Simply put, you will have the greatest leverage in the world of business, sales and marketing. Many of today’s leading Business Coaching Companies will certify you for $20,000, $30,000 and much higher, but the reality is that these coaches are following a typical expert/guru model that doesn’t understand leverage. These Small Business Coaching companies have little to no experience with sales and marketing. Most of them only have a support group of newbie coaches who really don’t understand how to execute at an accelerated rate.

This is what makes this business coaching training program revolutionary. You will be able to leverage the systems that I have created in five fundamental areas related to business acceleration or what we call ‘Speed to Market’!


Having Glenn as my coach has changed things dramatically…

New Stealth Guru Model make real money online testimonial“The effectiveness in terms of the revenue that my business is earning has increased exponentially. Having Glenn as my coach has changed things dramatically – I have a more effective and efficient business model. I can’t recommend Glenn’s coaching strongly enough.”

Joel Comm, Internet Revenue Expert


Our Business Coaching Services are a collection of five specific interdependent processes. Instead of having to focus on and build all five, you will be able to leverage the systems that I teach my clients at Awakened LLC



1. Value Creation—Awakened, LLC has spent 7 years discovering what others want and then creating systems to deliver high level coaching. Business coaching focused on daily help is what entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and small business owners want. As per the research by Edgar Dale and The Cone of Learning, clients learn best by working with a coaching team who will be helping them every day.

2. Marketing—Attracting attention and leveraging the demand that people have and want. Our marketing systems have been tested in the trenches, not based on some marketing course in an MBA program from some institution.

3. Sales—The Awakened, LLC systems will help you turn prospective customers into clients who want to invest with you for a lifetime.

4. Value Delivery—The Awakened, LLC systems will help you deliver more value than any other business coaching program. We are here every step of the way with you.

5. High Profit Margins—The Awakened, LLC systems are geared to helping you close high paying, big ticket purchasing clients. Knowing how to create and sell high priced programs is the essential way of building a company today.

Let our team of business coaches educate and enlighten you with our proven unconscious credibility system (c) , our ideation process (c) with training focusing on creating unbeatable value in the marketplace and leveraging your intellectual property to produce huge results faster than you can say “Speed to Market”.

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