Google at it again with privacy policy issues

Google just agreed to pay over $22 million in fines to the FTC, which is the highest fine ever paid to the FTC.  The fine was a result of Google trying to push past privacy policy settings on Apple devices without consumers knowing it.  If you remember Google just changed their privacy policy recently and this does nothing to help their image in consumer privacy issues.  Read the full story here:


Google Privacy Policy: What does it mean for you?

google privacy policyGoogle privacy policy wanted to emphasize their recent changes to their new privacy policy.  What are the goals of this new privacy policy? How will these changes affect current users? Read this article if you want to know more about Google’s new privacy policy and what it means for sharing your personal information

LinkedIn ads policy: Is Your Profile Safe?


Privacy is more and more of an issue on the web these days and LinkedIn is no different: LinkedIn ads policy states that they have the right to use user’s name and pictures for their advertising .


What are the ways to protect your privacy for these linkedin ads?  Read article To find out more about on how to manage Linkedin social advertising


Google Privacy Policy- How Will Google’s New Privacy Policy Affect Your Privacy?

Google has instituted a brand new Google privacy policy reducing the current number of privacy policies from 70 to just 1 to cover all of it’s online platforms.

What does this mean for you and me?  read this article to find out more about how the updated privacy policy from Google will affect people like you and me

Local Searches For Coupon Deals is On The Rise

Consumers are spending more time searching without buying or looking for better deals online.

I mean come on, this is not really a surprise to most of us because of course if I can spend 5-10 minutes online and save 10% or more why wouldn’t you?  Even Google Places Listings now have a coupon option.

There are some studies tying consumer sentiment to search engine usage and the lower the consumer sentiment the lower the number of searches.  Despite the lower search volume coupon sites like Bozeman Coupons are going to see in increase in traffic and usage as the economic turmoil just seems to get more embroiled while the Fortune Top10 Companies include 3 spots taken by record profits producing oil companies.

Interesting world we live in to say the least.

You can read more about this trend here:


Happy Fourth Of July!

The 4th of July is always a great time here in Montana with summer finally in full glory, all of the snow has melted at the lower elevations and the grasses are growing taller.

It is at these times of the year when everyone is camping or making plans to hang out with family and friends that help you realize why you push yourself in your business so hard most of the year.


Building relationships with your business friends as well as working on family relationships all relate to doing one this well-understanding people.

That is what good marketing is really about, being able to connect to someone, telling them you know how they feel because you felt it too.

Build relationships and you will build your business faster, stronger and with better clarity.

Now go and have fun, drink a little too much and blow something up (as long as it’s not a body part!)

All My Best for your success

Tyler Grupe

Managing Your Online Reputation the Proper Way

managing your online reputationLook no further for tips about online reputation management.

This article provides you with simple steps to apply that really help you effectively manage your web presence and garner good success.

Managing your online reputation using Google Alerts

Advantages of Google Alerts: Effective online status management is easy using online free tools which are easy to use. One particular tool is ‘Google Alerts’, which enables you to set up and monitor key phrases and phrases that are based on your company or name. Each time your best keyword/phrase is searched anywhere on the internet, you receive a notification. This can be a very useful free service that allows you to easily and effortlessly keep an eye on what internet dialog is going on in regards to you and then you can avert or react to anything negative that could show up. When managing your web status, a primary area to pay attention to is having a fast reaction to problems that arise and don’t delay in fixing it or it might harm your company. To help you minimize the damage, you will have to respond rapidly if a person has written something which has the possibility to harm your online or offline business. In the event that there’s false information released about your organization by someone, then do something, email them and also have it removed.

Make the most of Search . It might appear to become the easiest method around, but by utilizing Search, it is simple to focus on your web status and online reputation and keep it in check effectively.

Any reviews for the product/brand are available by typing your organization or company name into Google. The reviews provide you with a obvious picture of how your audience perceives your products and the traits they consider your organization to be associated with. An adverse review, in case you have one, should not discourage you, rather utilize it as strong feedback and use that to enhance your product by understanding why they have an issue. Any problem that you think you are able to resolve easily ought to be addressed immediately. Your potential clients are going to be searching for reviews before they get your product, so its advantageous to possess reviews that are positive and that honestly reflect your products or support in the best light possible.

Managing your online reputation: Be familiar with your competition

A competitor talking trash about your products or company might have an adverse effect on your web status, and that’s why it’s essential that you keep an eye on how your competitors is speaking in regards to you on various online platforms. In the event that a specific competitor of yours is posting negative reviews, then proceed to change it by posting a lot more positive reviews on other platforms. In the event that your products has been presented in an adverse light on the forum, then join it to provide your personal perspective and defend it. These statements have talked about the key tips about how to keep your online status and safeguard your brand on the web. Using the rapid development of communication and all of the networking tools available, your image can be simply damaged before your audience. If you take the steps needed, when you realize the significance of your web status, you’ll discover on your own ways to create a better impression over time with effective management.

Google Wallet Vying For Mobile Commerce Domination Over Groupon

Google Wallet To Compete With Groupon for Mobile Commerce Solution

If you haven’t heard of Groupon then you haven’t heard of the fastest growing company- ever.   Google tried to buy Groupon for a cool $6 Billion, yes with a “B” but the offer was rejected.  In todays e-commerce world of the internet we are in the late stages of growth which means that there is a lot of consolidation happening in the internet world right now, and the biggest players are going to get even bigger, like Google.

This is where local business commerce is going-MOBILE.  Make sure to catch the wave and stay up to date on making it easier for customers to pay you!

So without the acquisition of Groupon, Google has revealed it’s own version, Google Wallet.  You can read the whole story here:

Bing Local Search Engine Marketing Adding Features To Compete With Google Places

local search engine marketingBing announced that it is adding new features to it’s local search engine marketing to try and give Google Places, the leading local business search engine marketing listing service, a run for it’s money. It will be adding features like radius targeting to it’s adCenter and also local search ad attributes to provide a better local modifiers for search engine users. Read the full story here:

Local Search Marketing: A Necessity for Today’s Small Business

Your Business needs to Use Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing is becoming common as more businesses struggle to increase new sales and to stand out from their competitors. There are various online marketing techniques that will help you promote your business but local search marketing can get you large numbers of prospects at no cost. The following will show you how to take full advantage of local search marketing and take your business to the next level.

First and foremost; you need to understand the importance of designing quality content that will engage your audience which will in turn persuade the local search engines and add higher value to the local directories you’re submitting to. You should know that good content that is relevant can prove to be the key to success with local search, because many businesses lack the foresight to produce good content to market their rent online. businesses that see the light to use local search marketing will have an advantage over others will give you a the full benefit from local search marketing, start utilizing the power of unique content. Aim at setting up a benchmark in the niche you’re targeting, and over-exceed your own expectations when it comes to the content. For example, if you have some quality type of content that benefits your audience, don’t hesitate to add it to your website. The more worth you are able to give to your prospects, the better results you will achieve in the long run.

Next, leverage as many local search engines as possible because the more places your business is listed, the higher your chances of reaching your local market. There’s no harm is submitting your listing to directories that seem to be less popular. Also, be consistent about looking for targeted directories and don’t stop at a few.

Make a commitment to produce quality only. In order to benefit from your local search marketing efforts, you must provide the search engines and your prospects well-written quality content. It does not matter whether it’s the content on your website or the reviews that you have posted about your product. If you have the ability to focus on providing quality, then the positive results will flow. Local search marketing still has not reached its full potential. This means there is a lot of room to grow for you. So, make sure that everything that your business does shows a commitment to quality.

We have come to understand the importance of local search marketing in today’s online scenario. Even though there are tons of marketing methods that have flogged the web, focusing on the local segment of the market can prove to be highly beneficial for your business in the long run. While local search is nothing new, awareness of it is spreading thanks to social media showcasing the importance of local audiences. When you apply these tips to your business, you can reach out to a targeted set of local prospects.