SEO Tips: Google+ 1 Picking Up Momentum: What Does This Mean For SEO?

google plus one buttonGoogle release it’s +1 sharing button on June 28th and the new service has people signing up at a rate not seen since Facebook’s rapid expansion at it’s peak in 2009.

How people use it and stay engaged with using the new tool remains to be seen.

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If this button really gets a hold within Googles algorithm this may be the easiest seo play to plunder in recent history!

SEO Tips For Facebook Social Media Marketing

SEO Tips to get the most exposure  out of Facebook

SEO tips for Facebook will increase your exposure as Facebook is approaching almost 700 million users and it is not slowing down anytime soon.  Facebook is NOT a great way to market your product or services directly, but is an incredible way to gain massive exposure if you have a free resource that will help people achieve their goals.

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