Happy Fourth Of July!

The 4th of July is always a great time here in Montana with summer finally in full glory, all of the snow has melted at the lower elevations and the grasses are growing taller.

It is at these times of the year when everyone is camping or making plans to hang out with family and friends that help you realize why you push yourself in your business so hard most of the year.


Building relationships with your business friends as well as working on family relationships all relate to doing one this well-understanding people.

That is what good marketing is really about, being able to connect to someone, telling them you know how they feel because you felt it too.

Build relationships and you will build your business faster, stronger and with better clarity.

Now go and have fun, drink a little too much and blow something up (as long as it’s not a body part!)

All My Best for your success

Tyler Grupe

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