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SEO Pricing Packages

SEO pricing varies as much as the techniques for making a site relevant and important enough to get top rankings.

Some company’s SEO pricing is based on providing you with a defined number of links each and every month.  Not only is getting the same profile and number of links every month a bad idea, it could actually hurt your rankings in the SERP’s.  If you consistently get the same number of links to your site every month it DEFINITELY looks fishy.  

You should be focusing on getting a mix of high quality links directly to your site and some low level links to content promoting your site like articles, blogs, social accounts, etc.  Every site is different and every SEO package will be different based on your competition and market.

SEO Pricing: There are two ways to get higher rankings in the search engines:

  • More Links
  • Better Links

The SEO game is still about more people sharing links to your website.  Good SEO relies on giving them a good reason to go to your site because you truly have something of value to offer.

Below you will find SEO Pricing for our packages broken down into competition categories.  Remember this SEO pricing is based on competition level and not necessarily by geographic region.

Packages are available for 5, 10 or 20 keywords in 4 competition levels.  This will suit the small local business to the large corporate client.


SEO Pricing Packages:

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SEO Pricing and Monthly Commitment:

There is no minimum monthly commitment although a three month minimum is recommended for maximum results.

We offer a 20% discount on our set up fees for clients who commit to a six month seo contract or longer.


NetWeb offers SEO services based on rankings and not links.  We don’t sell you links, we sell you results.  

Don’t expect to see a link report from our services because we use proprietary blog networks, link building techniques and other industry secrets that we can’t reveal.  If you want to buy links there are many companies out there that will happily sell you links and link packages and you can check every link they build if you choose.  

Every seo package comes with a monthly ranking report sent to you via email so you can see your results. 

Please be aware that most SEO packages take 90 DAYS to gauge the effectiveness of the purchased service level.  At the 90 day mark we review and assess the performance of the campaign and make recommendations for service level, keywords, and your overall marketing strategy to make sure your site is performing.  Remember this is about RESULTS and not simply getting a site to the top.  All of our packages below are based on 10, 25 or 50 keywords and a rating of the level of competition in your particular market.  The level of competition is THE biggest factor to consider when choosing a campaign level.  You may not know real level of competition in your market until we do the research(included in our package set up costs).  The second decision is the number of keywords you want to rank for which effectively increases your market saturation. 

For instance if your state level keywords are very low competition then you don’t need to order the High Competition service package when a Low Competition package will work fine for the level of competition.  Alternately if you are a lawyer or real estate agent in say Orange County CA you may need a High Competition service package because the Medium and Low level service package won’t be enough to knock off your competition if they have a strong head start.

Don’t waste your money on a higher level of service you don’t need!  Only good keyword research can uncover the real competition level in your market and we include this painstaking research in all of our SEO pricing packages.

per month
5 keywords
8 Articles Per Month
Social Bookmarking
Directory Submissions
Monthly Reporting
per month
10 Keywords
12 Articles Per Month
Social Media Links
1 Video
1 Press Release
per month
20 Keywords
Private Blog Network
16 Videos/PPT/PDF
2 Press Release
Monthly Phone Review