SEO Tips: Why You Need To Know How Adwords CPC Affects Your SEO Click Through Rate

SEO Tips: Does targeting low cpc keywords for organic listings improve your click through rate?

The latest study on click through rates shows a direct correlation between low competition Adwords keywords and higher click through rates on the organic listings associated with that keyword.

This is a very interesting study that illustrates a huge difference in the number of people who click on a top organic search engine listing based on the Adwords cost per click amount.

The study is good for people who are currently buying high dollar CPC keywords in their Google Adwords advertising campaign.  The conclusion is that most sites would benefit from adding keyword focused content that has a low CPC to help drive additional organic traffic to their site with one of the best seo services.   The difference is as much as 50% which more than makes up for the lower volume keywords with a low CPC.

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