Google Wallet Vying For Mobile Commerce Domination Over Groupon

Google Wallet To Compete With Groupon for Mobile Commerce Solution

If you haven’t heard of Groupon then you haven’t heard of the fastest growing company- ever.   Google tried to buy Groupon for a cool $6 Billion, yes with a “B” but the offer was rejected.  In todays e-commerce world of the internet we are in the late stages of growth which means that there is a lot of consolidation happening in the internet world right now, and the biggest players are going to get even bigger, like Google.

This is where local business commerce is going-MOBILE.  Make sure to catch the wave and stay up to date on making it easier for customers to pay you!

So without the acquisition of Groupon, Google has revealed it’s own version, Google Wallet.  You can read the whole story here: